1N4148WQ-7-F: Overview, Features, and Applications

The 1N4148WQ-7-F is a variant of the commonly used 1N4148 high-speed switching diode, manufactured by Diodes Incorporated. This specific model is a Surface Mount Device (SMD) rather than a through-hole model, making it suitable for compact, high-speed digital circuits.



The 1N4148WQ-7-F is designed for high-speed switching applications, offering the same electrical characteristics as the standard 1N4148 but in a smaller, surface-mount form factor.


  • High-Speed Switching: Like its parent model, the 1N4148WQ-7-F offers high-speed switching capabilities.
  • Surface Mount Design: The specific model, denoted by "W," uses the SOD-123 flat lead surface-mount package, suitable for automated assembly.
  • High Repetitive Peak Reverse Voltage: With a maximum repetitive peak reverse voltage of 100V, it's suitable even for relatively high-voltage applications.
  • Low Forward Voltage Drop: The forward voltage drop is generally low, maxing out at around 1V for a forward current of 10mA.
  • Packaging: Signified by the "-7-F" in the part number, this component is supplied on a 7" reel (as per Diodes Incorporated's packaging codes), suitable for automated pick-and-place assembly processes.
  • Lead-Free and RoHS Compliant: The "-F" indicates that this component adheres to contemporary environmental standards, being both lead-free and RoHS compliant.


Due to its fast switching speed and compact size, this diode has a variety of applications, including but not limited to:

  • High-Speed Switching: Commonly used in circuits where switching speed is vital, such as digital logic, waveform generation, or pulse handling.
  • Wave Shaping: The diode can be used in wave shaping and clipping circuits to control the shape of an output waveform.
  • Reverse Polarity Protection: Employed in circuits to prevent any damage from accidental reverse polarity connection.
  • General Electronics: It will also find use in a large number of generic electronic applications, from radios to control circuits.


Remember, the specific characteristics can vary slightly between manufacturers or even batches, so it's always recommended to check the manufacturer's datasheet before using the component.

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